About me:

I was born january 1980. The upcoming era of nightmare fashion, ugliest automotive designs and dance music in full bloom. But somehow I managed to survive that plastic decade, and:

• in 1994 I saw Pink Floyd Live in Prague with David Gilmour on lap-steel,
• in 1997 I first time saw metalbody resonator guitar,
• in 2000 I saw Bob Brozman live show in Slovakia.

From these events on, there was no return for me. We may have a chat about vinyl LP’s, vintage cars or American folk music in general… But this is strictly resonator guitar passion that really runs in my veins.

I service resonator guitars from the age of 20, the moment when a B-stock tricone with too short scale and deformated soundwell was deliberately sold to me as a factory new “ready-to-go” instrument. A neck extension and soundwell reshaping in a tricone as a first reso-repair task… Challenging, wasn’t it?

In 2010 I managed to do a neck reset on a bakelite necked 1930 National Triolian, considered by many as “unrepairable”. The guitar is still in my collection, being one of my main instrument, now having more of bakelite necks resets on my account.

In 2013 I restored a totally wrecked 1929 National Tricone (must have been used as an baseball bat before), converted it into a real hollowneck guitar with empty chamber under the fretboard, where results surpassed expectatons of me and many others:

In 2018 I restored even more wrecked, highly desirable 1937 Variation 7 “Brothers in Arms” National Style O, preserving originality of it’s incredibly damaged neck, what made it my most advanced woodwork restoration ever.

Till now, I have hundreds of resonator guitar services, repairs and restorations behind me, from budget beginner’s China dobros (still worthy a good setup, though) to iconic prewar Nationals. I never have more than one guitar on my bench.

Privately, I'm a father of 2 daughters, a musician, keen on vintage cars and antique record cutting lathes.